Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's a Boy!!!

I would like to introduce you all to the newest member of our family...NORMAN!!! Or Stormin' Norman as he is sometimes called. We got him about two weeks ago and he is already growing so fast! He is about 10 weeks old and loves to bite/chew everything in sight. He hates his leash but is learning to love his daily walks, and he is learning to conquer stairs. Sometimes he will do the Superman down them on his stomach when he gets going too fast, but his clumsly legs are starting to catch up to his body and he is getting much better at it. We now have a small glimpse of what being parents is like! Here are a few of the pictures so far...

Brand new puppy!

Learning how to deal with his leash

First bath! He actually really likes the water. I cant wait to take him swimming!

Isabel and Norman

I love this look, his little face is so cute!

All tuckered out and taking a nap with dad

Angel's Landing - Zion's 2008

Andrew and took a much needed weekend getaway to Zion's National Park. It is GORGEOUS! We climbed Angel's Landing which took us about 4 hours round trip. It was not just your nice saturday stroll, it is quite intense, but worth every step. There is one point where it is so steep and narrow that you have to hold onto a chain to get up...I know I know, I live dangerously!

View from the top!

The view was amazing from every direction... from one angle it is red rock,
and the other it is white.

Once we got to the top I did not wan to come down!

These two show the narrow section where you have to hold onto the chain

The city of Sprindale is known for their magical berry...the bumble berry. So how could we visit without having a slice of bumbleberry pie and vanilla ice cream? Quite world famous!