Monday, September 7, 2009

Girls Weekend

A few weekends ago Mom and I hit the road for a fabulous weekend of sun, hiking, and Shakespeare plays! We stayed in Zions and spent our days hiking and laying out, and our nights in Cedar City watching plays..."Comedy of Errors" and "As you Like It".Both were phenomenal but we liked "Comedy of Errors" best. Here are some highlights of our adventure...

Out in front of the Sweet's Shop...of course we went there!

The theater we saw both plays is meant to resemble the Globe Theater where Shakespeare's plays were performed in his day

The "grueling" hike to the Court of the Patriarchs

I liked this rock...I am in it!

The Emerald Pools

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Adventures...So Far!!!

Our summer has been so jam packed, and sooo much fun! Here is a quick run down of what we have been up to...


The famous antler can't go there without getting one!

Mountain biking in the Tetons! I am addicted!!!

Top of the mountain...a morning hike!

Handsome Norman and his glorious coat of hair....and now...


Next time you take your dog to the groomers, do not let them do this! Who would ever think that a golden retreiver should be shaved...and that this looks good! Poor Norman...but at least he is cooler in the heat!

Andrew, Levi, Makai, Kofoed, Alexis, and I played in a sand volleyball league at
The Sports Mall...sand volleyball in Utah, who would have thought!

Soooo FUN!!!


Hiking with Norman...pre hair cut!

He LOVES the water...and getting all dirty!

Hiking with Lu and the boys

Packin the little one

BBQ in the Canyons

Mom and the girls


Jumping the wake...

Aaaggghhh...the wake!

Boaters steer clear...underage driver at the helm!

Me and Mom
First drive in ever...this is what summers are made of!
Fireworks at Aunt Jill's house

Sisters...and little guy
Sparkler fun!

The display

Family BBQ in the yard


What a tree!

Family Hike - I love the lake in the background

Fishing fun! We caught a total of 16 fish that day!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Marriage Is What Brings us Together Today

Alan and Christina were married on May 29th, 2009 and it was a glorious day! The weather was gorgeous, the ceremony beautiful, and the reception was picture perfect. They are perfect for each other, and we are so excited to have Christina in the family! Congrats you two, we love you!

First appearance as husband and wife

9 of the 11 nieces and nephews...what a cute bunch! Alyse, Justin and the girls were in town and it was so fun to spend the week with them.

I love tents at weddings!


The Boys

Hannah Montana Fever

I can't believe it, but Isabel is 6! I cant believe she is so old...she does not look like a little girl anymore. She wanted a Hannah Montana birthday party, and Melissa put on quite the party. We turned the backyard into a stage for the performance and dancing. Microphone cupcakes, a pinata, and a visit from Hannah herself... what could be better! The little girls were going crazy! Ok, and I partook of the festivities as well!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Viva Mexico!!! - Mazatlan 2009

We just got back from 10 glorious days in Mazatlan, Mexico...our annual trip with my whole extended family. This was our last year that everyone could all be there at the same time so we were able to round up 51 of us to be there, almost the entire family! Some of you may find spending 10 days on vacation with your WHOLE family boring and uneventful, but to me is was a dream! I actually wish I could live in a hotel with all my family so I that I could see them everyday, and all the kids could play and grow up with each other. I loved that every where I looked I always saw a family member, and I had a lot of time to catch up with relatives that live out of state. There is no way I could tell you all of the funny moments and crazy events of the trip since there are so many to choose from, so here is a quick list of my favorites:
1. Mango/Strawberry Daquiris (our new favorite drink of choice...without alcohol of course) at Happy Hour every day (and the fabulous Mexican popcorn)
2. Surfing at Playa Bruja...I thought I had some coordination, but man I ate it almost every time! Even though I only actually stood up three times, my new goal in life is to become a professional surfer!
3. The King of the Lizards, aka, the Iguana, that Kel bought off of his caddy. Pretty sure they drugged it for the ride back to the hotel, cause at first it looked dead. Which actually was a good thing, so all the kids could hold it. But, when it came went crazy!!! It even climbed up the wall of the 2nd floor balcony and flew off down to the first floor! His new name is Superman. We figured it was time to release him to the wild with the olther iguanas running around the resort grounds.
4. Getting a massage, and Andrew's confusion with the very short robe.
5. Spending time with my grandma - My grandma is such an amazing woman. She so graciously made it possible for everyone of us to go to Mexico, for arranging it all, and taking care of the costs.
6. Shopping and bargaining with the beach vendors (and at O'hoolahoops :)...thats for you JJ)
7. Beach volleyball - we dominated!
8.Eating WAY too much all day long! I never got sick of the nachos, peaches flambe, and the amazing mexican oatmeal!
9. Stunning Mexico sunsets, and only can occur in Mazatlan
10. My family - It is a rare occasion when my whole family is all able to be together, with JJ and Allie living in Texas. But to spend a whole week with my mom and all my brothers and sisters was too wonderful for words. I am so blessed to have the most amazing family in the world!
And now...onto the pictures!!!
Family Pics on the Catamaran
Surfing at Playa Bruja(and a shout out to our camera woman, Ash, who could not surf with us this year because she is prego!!! Congrats cuz)!!!

Isn't this breathtaking! It looks like a Monet Painting!

The Cousins - Megan, Brynn, Ash, Tara. We have a picture of all of us just like this in front of the fountain when we were all about 8-10 years old. So we thought a new one was needed!

Beach Volleyball Games...sweet set for Andrew to spike!

The King of the Lizards

The Transportation in Mexico

Running from the waves

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We do a foot picture every year, so here is this years :)