Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wedding Bells and Fireworks in St. George

For the 4th of July weekend we went to St. George for Andrew's friend Cade's wedding. There were about 20 of us that made the trek down and stayed at his friends place in Leeds. Never a dull moment with this bunch of boys! It was blasted hot so most of our days were spent in the pool . Cade and Kim were married on the 5th in the St. George temple. It was my first time in that temple and it is so gorgeous. It is a smaller temple and has so much history and character. Here are a few snapshots of the trip...

The St. George Temple, Levi and his Uke! , BBQ!!!

A few of the girls , All the boys...except the groom!

Volleyball in the pool, The boys at the temple

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Smith & Morehouse...Adventures in the Woods!

Andrews family goes camping every year at Smith & Morehouse. They have been going there for 30 years now with a few families from their neighborhood. This year we were only able to go up for a night and day but it was worth it! We went fishing early in the morning and I caught five fish (dont worry...we let them go)! I was also able to show off my incredible canoeing skills, seeing that I was a canoe instuctor...ha ha I know, funny huh...but I really was! I have a mad J Stroke! Andrew's niece and I caught fish at the exact same time and his brother snapped this shot right before my fish freaked out and tried to get in the canoe!

Andrew is quite the mountain man. He is great at chopping wood. Me on the other hand, well lets just say I should stick to my day job. I barely made a dent in the log...and the ax swung back and almost chopped my leg off!

Lagoon...Its Where Fun Is!

I love Lagoon...the smell of cotton candy and pop corn, and the sound of the rickety white roller coaster always make me feel like a little kid again. My mom, me, Melissa, Isabel, and Jenny and her crew all went to Lagoon for an evening of non stop rides and food! Isabel is not quite tall enough for some of them so she had a hard time not being able to go on all the rides Mitchell could. But, they have some great new kids rides that she loved! My mom and I went on the Rocket (the one that takes you up slowly and just drops you) was awesome! I swear my stomach almost flew out my mouth! It was awesome!

Nixon is Here!!!

My handsome nephew has arrived! Ok, so I have been a slacker and he arrived about a month ago, but here he is! Nixon Tee Black was born Monday June 2nd. Everything went smoothly, and mom and baby are doing great! Lindsay is such a cute mom, and watching her through this process has really been great for me and has made me more excited to have a little bug of our own!

Belle loves holding him and giving him loves