Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer Has Begun

It is here...Summer! That wonderful time of the year where the nights are long and warm, and the weekends are full of adventurous getaways. It is also the time of year where your thumb turns green and you spend hours in the yard. With a new house we now get the opportunity to finally plant flowers! I would not have any idea how to start the process on my own, so it is a good thing Andrew's family are professionals in this area. Who knew yards were so time consuming...and expensive...but worth it! This last weekend we helped my mom in her yard, what a project, but it looks great! My fabulous niece who just turned five was all about helping us out. She brought out her pint sized gardening tools and dug right in. When it came time to open the bags of soil/fertilizer she could not wait to get it open...that is until she got a whiff it! This is the dialog that occured:

I: B, this stuff really stinks!
B: Thats cause it has poop in it. Its good for the flowers.
I: But B, who pooped in the bag!?!

I was laughing so hard! She made the job a lot more entertaining. When we finished, we decided the pool was just what we needed. So we spent a few hours playing and laying out for the first time of the year! What a way to start summer!

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N8 and JBo said...

I love that story! It's a classic! Real was fun... let's do it again.