Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Four Hours of Fun

From the day we moved into our house, we have been looking for the perfect corner hutch in the kitchen. It had to be at least 5.5 feet tall, an actual corner hutch, not just a flat back one, just the right color, and have the cute paneling on the back. No wonder it took us 9 months to find it! But, after many trips to mainstream stores, and shabby chic shops, we found our PERFECT corner hutch! I will have you know that we put it together by ourselves, and it took 4 HOURS! This thing was ridiculous, and the directions were anything but simple. But, we prevailed, and we love our new labor of love!

This was the first time we have put anything big together, and it was quite interesting. I have always been stumped when people ask me my advice on getting married. I have always wanted to have something profound and different to say. And now I have found something I think is really good advice. Build something together...you learn a lot of interesting things about each other. Who will take the lead...who can do different aspects of the task better...who will be the first to drop a four letter word when your had gets smashed! It was quite a hilarious learning experience.

Our masterpiece!

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Keira and Nate said...

That looks like it was built for your house!!!! YAY! Looks FABULOUS!!