Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hannah Montana Fever

I can't believe it, but Isabel is 6! I cant believe she is so old...she does not look like a little girl anymore. She wanted a Hannah Montana birthday party, and Melissa put on quite the party. We turned the backyard into a stage for the performance and dancing. Microphone cupcakes, a pinata, and a visit from Hannah herself... what could be better! The little girls were going crazy! Ok, and I partook of the festivities as well!


Missouri Jacobsons said...

Thank goodness, a post!!! I have missed hearing what is going on in your life (seeings as we can never seem to chat on the phone). Call me, I want to chat! Muah!

BTW-I can't believe Isabel is 6!!!!

Haley said...

i can't believe how big she is!!!! what a cutie!!! tell melissa she needs to start blogging so I can keep up with her!!!!!