Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Little Lady

Our little lady finally made her debut on June 6th, three days past her due date. She made quite an entrance into the world! We were at the wedding of our fabulous friends Brian and Hannah at La Caille when Addie decided it was time to come. We had just finished dinner and the reception was about to start. I was feeling a bit achey and crampy so I was going to leave early and let Andrew stay for the rest of the festivities, but this little lady had plans of her own. I said good bye to the bride and groom and had to make a bathroom stop...typical prego bladder. This was a much different bathroom break in that my water decided to break! Now, I have heard that if it does break on its own it will most likely be a slow trickle...well not mine. It was like the flood gates was gushing! I ran out in a panic and grabbed Andrew and let him know that the time had finally come! You always wonder when this moment is going to happen, and pray that it is not somewhere in public, but these little bundles of joy have a mind of their own and will come whenever and wherever they please! We rushed out and Andrew ran to the valet guy screaming, "My wife is in labor, I need my car!!!" This put the valet guy in a bit of a panic and he could not find our car, so Andrew grabbed the keys from him and pushed the panic button, and lucky enough, our car was parked on the front row so we were able to get out of there pretty quickly.

We rushed to the hospital, and lucky for us we had a blanket in the car for me to sit on cause I was still gushing! We got to the hospital and I had pre registered so I thought I would be able to just go straight to a room. But the lady checking us in said that I had a few things I needed to sign. I said "Mam, I am leaking all over your floor, are you ok with that? Can I sign this stuff once I get in the bed?" She did not think it was a big deal and said no, I should just finish up at the registration desk. When we were all checked in she showed us to our room. My sandals were all full of baby fluid and they squished as I gross! The nurse was like "man you really are gushing" thoughts were "did you think I was lying?" We got all situated in the room and then the contractions started. At first they were managable, but then they started in my back as well as the tummy, and they started coming more quickly, and that is when they hurt so bad! Plus I felt so bloody hot, I wanted to rip my gown off, and Andrew had to put cold wash cloths all over my arms and face, as well as an extra fan in the room! Then the nurse told me I could have my epidural any time, and I thought "You are just telling me this now...bring it on!" I had always been terrified of getting the epidural, but it did not hurt one bit, and once it started working I was a completely different was a dream!

I was in labor for about 9 hours and around 4am the nurse told me I was at a 10 and it was time to push. About an hour and a half later Addison joined our family! It was the most amazing experience and feeling when they put her on my chest, it is truly indescribable. Andrew and I just cried...and I am crying right now as I write this just thinking about it! Babies truly are miracles and amazing gifts from our Heavenly Father!

She is now three and a half weeks old, I cant believe how fast the time flys. She is already getting so big and chubby...she loves to eat, and I love her chubby arms and double chin! She is such a great baby and I am enjoying every minute with her. Andrew had two weeks paternity leave which was a dream. We were in our own little world for those two weeks...nothing else seemed to matter but this little piece of heaven in our home. Now we are adjusting to real life, and figuring things out as a party of three! I can never be anywhere on soon as I think we are ready to get out the door, she spits up all over both of us, or poops! But, we are getting the hang of things. We love being parents, and cannot get enough of this little lady. We love her so much!!!

At the hospital, they had a photographer that took some beautiful pictures of her when she was two days old, so I thought I would share them!

Everyone, I am pleased to introduce you to Addison Nygren!


Dan and Jen said...

Your story is hilarious!! And it's so true about the spitting up or pooping whenever you are heading out the door. What is up with that? Sawyer still does that! Dan too (no, just kidding about that one)!!! And how precious are those pictures? Love 'em. So happy for your little family!

Annelise said...

Ohhhh! She couldn't be any cuter. How adorable. I love your text. I am so bad at texting back. That was funny. I will call you to get together next week.

Nate, Jenny and Amelia said...

Oh I just love her...and I do think you have one of the most classic labor stories! She really is a dream.


Congrats Brynn! Don't kids just bring everything to reality and make you realize that never again will you have control of any situation! She made quite a commanding entrance - I have a feeling she might carry that throughout her little life. Addison is beautiful!! Good work.

The Garners said...

Oh my gosh, Brynn! She's just so cute. And I'm officially mad at you for 3 hours because of how great you look in that hospital photo. That is not fair, and rude.

She's completely will be late for the rest of your life...and it will be completely worth it!!

Megan Cross said...

Awe Brynn! Congrats to you both!! She is a beauty. I am glad your experience was amazing. My water gushed with Porter too but I was in the hospital bed dilated at a 10 when it broke. When I had Nora it was broken for two whole days and I had no IDEA! A slow leak I guess. So my labor with her was a nightmare! I am so happy for you and your little family. Congrats again. You look so amazingly beautiful in the hospital pics. Not that you aren't in real life, because you are and especially just for having a baby as well ;)

Gina Coons said...

She is beautiful! Congrats you guys.