Sunday, April 3, 2011

Princess Tea Party

My adorable niece Madeleine turned three last month. For her birthday party she invited us all to the big castle downtown (The Grand America) for a real princess tea party! It was so much fun! We all enjoyed tea, raspberry hot chocolate, and delicious little sandwiches and treats...the kind you would expect to find at tea in London! Here are some pics of our royal adventure!

All the pretty princesses

Me and baby as Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Me, Mom, Lu, and Grandma

Madeleine pouring her tea

The Princess Cake

Princess Madeleine taking the first bite

Nana and baby

Taking a walk with Uncle Kel

You cant go to the Grand America dressed as a princess without doing a photo shoot of course!

Lindsay was Cinderella


Nancy K. said...

Brynn! This is so cute! I just got done updating our blog, and I love comments so much I wanted to leave one for you. Miss A gets cuter every time I see her! This thing will say Nancy K left a comment--but it's me, Nancy Major! xoxo

ashrather said...

Oh my, so sweet! I went to a tea party baby shower at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills last October. It was so amazing! This looks like so much fun too:)

Maricela said...

Brynn! Addison is sooooo cute, I can't believe how big she's getting, times flys! We need to get together soon, we miss you guys!

laura said...

that looks so fun. i love the grand america. and Addison is a doll. I would love to meet and snuggle her.

hope you are doing well...keep up the blogging :)