Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Smith & Morehouse...Adventures in the Woods!

Andrews family goes camping every year at Smith & Morehouse. They have been going there for 30 years now with a few families from their neighborhood. This year we were only able to go up for a night and day but it was worth it! We went fishing early in the morning and I caught five fish (dont worry...we let them go)! I was also able to show off my incredible canoeing skills, seeing that I was a canoe instuctor...ha ha I know, funny huh...but I really was! I have a mad J Stroke! Andrew's niece and I caught fish at the exact same time and his brother snapped this shot right before my fish freaked out and tried to get in the canoe!

Andrew is quite the mountain man. He is great at chopping wood. Me on the other hand, well lets just say I should stick to my day job. I barely made a dent in the log...and the ax swung back and almost chopped my leg off!


N8 and JBo said...

Love the new posting! It sounds like you had a lot of fun up there!

Gianne said...

Brynn! I found you! I love your pics. I need to get you the pictures I took from Leeds so you can post more!

Kristy, Bill and a Spoiled Golden Retriever said...

Hey Brynn-this is Kristy Ahlstrom Knowlton. I found your blog through another blog and wanted to say hello. You look like you're doing well!!