Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to Bethlehem

For our ward Christmas party this year, Andrew and I were asked to be on the Activities committee...the decorating team. We always get asked to do these things. So, we are thinking that we will need to get some colored table cloths, some fun entertainment, and a ham or turkey type dinner. Boy were we wrong. Our ward decided to go all out and transform the gym into Bethlehem! With only $100 we got really creative and did our best. Here is how it turned out...

All the families were asked to dress up and bring blankets to sit on to eat dinner. They were also asked to bring canned food (their tax) to enter the city. There were some great outfits!

A couple in our ward just had a baby boy so they did our nativity scene. The "stable" was put together by our bishop. Now, when I say put together, I dont mean with nails or anything...it was literally just leaning against each other. During the prayer, "Mary" accidentally moved her foot and the whol thing came crashing down on them! They were all ok, and it was hilarious!

One of our main duties was to make all the signs. Here is our beautiful artwork!

Our dinner was very simple, just like it would have been back then...pitas and bagels, some meats and cheeses, olives, relish trays, hummus, etc. But we did throw in a few modern delicious Christmas desserts :)

We borrowed pop up tents from people in the ward and covered them with sheets for the shops. Then we strung lights across the top for a nice added touch. It was a lot of work, but it turned out great, and it was fun doing something different!

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