Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Soap Gifts

Here is another little gift that we made for Christmas, these ones were for family. We got one of these from a neighbor last year and loved it so much, we still use ours! We just get the softsoap refills and keep using it. It is SUPER easy to do:

Create the words you want to say on the insert in a Word document, with the last name of the family at the top, ex. NYGREN HANDS. Then get some acetate paper (overhead paper) and print it out. You can get at least two on a page. Then cut it out with the edges and sides rounded a bit so it fits nicely into the bottle. Roll it up and stick it into the soap bottle and use the dispenser wand to push it up against the front of the bottle. The soap will help it stick to the front.

Youc an buy the bottles of soap anywhere and just use a blow dryer to heat up the sticker covering and just peel it off. Make sure you heat it up long enough to get it all off when you peel because if you dont, it is hard to get the excess glue off.

It is an inexpensive and unique gift that people will love, especially because it is personal. This is a great Christmas gift, but can be given at anytime really. Have fun!


Nate and Jenny said...

Such a great idea! You are honestly so good at stuff like this. I need to take lessons.

The Cross Family said...

I might have to get some!!! Hey Brynn!!! How are you? I didn't know you married Andrew!!! Congrats! He is such a nice guy!