Saturday, December 13, 2008


The holiday season is my favorite, and always seems to be a busy time for everyone, and this year is no different for us. We are constantly on the go with something different planned every day! And, now that it snowed, well dumped, it really feels like Christmas! Here is a glimpse of what we have done so far this month...

For those of you that do not know, the Kurt Bestor concert is a tradition in my family, and is also an important part of mine and Andrew's life, whether he likes it or not! The Kurt Bestor concert in 2005 was our first date! I did not think it odd at the time to ask Andrew to come with me, I had just met him again three days earlier and I wanted to have him come, so I got an extra ticket and invited him. I think I forgot to mention to him that my whole family would be there, even my Grandma and Rex! I do not think he even knew he Kurt Bestor was until that night, but he came anyway, and apparently that sealed the deal cause here we are three years later, and three concerts later, and happily married and in love. Anyone that wants to get married...go to the Kurt Bestor concert!!! Andrew is such a good sport and comes every year, even though his love for Kurt is not as strong as mine...yet :)

The girls...and the crazy red statue thing at Abravanel Hall

We get a picture in front of this odd thing every year

Our tree! This is our favorite one yet! We went with a country theme this year, I love it! And our house smells divine!

Norman and the tree! When we first go it, he was so confused at why there was this large outside object in our living room, but he is used to it now. Luckily he does not try to pee on it!

Our Annual Ugly Sweater Party! We had it at Amber's again this year...she is such a great host. We did breakfast for dinner...crepes - thanks to our reborn French friend January, cinnamon french toast, egg casserole, orange rolls (Cassidy made our DG house mom's recipe - SO GOOD!), yes it was pretty much gourmet!
Oh,in case you were wondering about the mountain man standing next to me...Andrew and the other managers at work are doing a beard/mustache contest! Kinda cute, eh!

The Group! January won the contest this year with her international christmas sweater and ornament earrings! We played a few intense rounds of mafia and I discovered that I am a horrible liar and cant ever be mafia because I always get caught!


Cacia said...

I love your dog - Norman. He is so cute!

Missouri Jacobsons said...

Sad face, I was not there.....I feel incomplete!

N8 and JBo said...

AH.. that was a fun party. I can't get over my husband in that picture though. You are going to have to email them to me...hopefully you won't have to keep sending me pictures after Christmas!

The Fosters! said...

I love your tree and you and Andrew look great in all your pictures! I tried to e-mail you at your hotmail account for a scentsy order for my mom. Let me know if you didn't get it. Talk to you soon!

Mari Foster

Ashley and Matt said...

I must admit Im thinging of strting an ugly sweater party tradition out east. I hope you guys are doing well. Tell Andrew I said whats up.

Matt Cole

Julie Knowlton said...

What the DEVIL Byrn?! I didn't know you had a blog! Get over here onto mine! I love you. You look darling.

P.S. I am a terrible blogger lately. Did you know that I am pregnant? Miss you.

Jordan said...

hmmmm.....You wear your ugly sweaters to that party, but not to the other one.... Interesting observation. I see where we stand!

Annelise said...

How fun! I am sad I missed it.